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Dallas Morning News

We did another interview this week. This time with a reporter from the Dallas Morning News. 

A photographer came to the house  yesterday for some photos. Cade was being bashful and didn’t want to participate, which is how they got the photo the used… Cade cowering in the corner of the couch with his blanket and every one else trying to make the best of it. Haha. 

The photographer sent me this photo last night off her camera LCD just to double check who was who and we were so hoping they’d pick this one instead. 

We were surprised to hear from some friends this morning that our story was front-page, above the fold today. Didn’t see that coming. 

Here’s the link to the full story.

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Backyard Blueberries and Baths

We’ve taken to walking in the evening. Mike pushes one double stroller with the big boys and I push another with the babies. 

It’s so hot out though. Even when the kids are just sitting and being pushed, shaded by the stroller shades, they still all get sweaty and hot. 

So the other night we came home and just dropped dinner on the grill and ate outside. That way we could bathe (them) outside. 

The babies got their first go at frozen blueberries to help cool off (since the big boys got popsicles). 



They seemed to be a big hit. 


(Though man, were they messy! So glad they were outside, and that the “bath” was 10 feet away). 

And by “bath” I mean pool. 


I’ve said it before, but we pipe in warm water from the utility sink in the laundry room, through the dog door, and into the pool. 



Because even on hot nights, the shade and the breeze can make the cold water too cold and make everyone start shivering real quick. 

This was the babies’ first backyard pool experience and they totally loved it. 

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Big Girl and Big Help

Even though it’s a bajillion degrees out now, we still try and spend a small amount of time outside each day. Thank God for the oak tree in our backyard. 

Last week, I decided to put Shiloh in the push car and let Gage drive her (carefully! With much supervision!) around the driveway. 


They both thought it was pretty awesome. Shiloh especially.




Gage did a great job being careful. And Shiloh thought she’d graduated into big girl land. 

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Yolking Around

We got a great egg toy present in the mail from Phil, Vanessa, and Elli after we got home from our RV trip. Elli has one like it, and Cade fell in love with it when we stayed at their house in Franklin. After all, playing with the toys at Vanessa’s house was Cade’s (and Gage’s) favorite part of the trip. 

The babies like it too. 


The babies are also digging eggs to eat. (Do you see what I did there with that post title?) 
I made hard-boiled eggs for a salad topping the other day and gave the babies the egg yolk to eat. They devoured it. 


They have totally different approaches to eating. Coen is slow and methodical. I think it’s harder for him to pick things up with his chunky hands. He’s still working on the pincer grasp thing. He gets things in his mouth maybe 65 percent of the time, but he is improving each day. 

Shiloh is much faster. She pretty much takes anything and everything in front of her and eats it quickly or pushes it on the floor if she doesn’t like it. (Nice.) She’s probably closer to 85 percent accuracy at getting food from the table into her mouth. Her pincer grasp is a little bit more developed than Coen (her hands are also more dainty than his). 



I took a video of this occasion because it was just so messy. It was the kind of messy that Mike despises, so I had to do a quick cleanup of table, babies, and floor before he could see it all, so as not to disturb his sanity. 

We are having fun watching them try and enjoy (or not enjoy) different foods. 

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This corner has been a bit deserted with the last week of sickness (head colds and fevers) and deadlines (tire problems, oil changes, air bag recalls, passport applications, government contract proposal writing, etc.) we had last week. 

But I’m hoping to up my game here all.  

In the meantime, here are some matching onesies I bought from a small screen-printing business a friend from high school owns. 

They are just so cute. 

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Uneventful Fourth 

We had a low-key Fourth of July over here… We were sort of still in recovery mode from our whack/tiring RV life.  

I made a patriotic roll up cake. The Food Network Magazine made me do it. 


We went to my aunt and uncle’s house and swam in their pool. The boys had a lot of fun. 

Gage jumped off the diving board over and over again. What is it about a diving board that makes life so fun? 

The day before (which incidentally was Independence Day observed) we went in the morning to get patriotic donuts and wore our patriotic outfits from Jennie. 









These are the smiles you get when you’ve told them to hug. And there’s me and the babies in the reflection in the window. 


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RV Adventure Video

There were a few videos and photos of “life in the RV” that I hadn’t shared on here or anything, that I wanted to compile into a little movie to remember the trip by. 

This isn’t the video with the places we went and photos of things we did. This is pretty much exclusively stuff from inside the RV as we are driving. I didn’t take a ton of photos because I didn’t think about it a lot. I do, however, want to remember some of the mundane monotonous things… How the boys played in their “bunks” by themselves; how they stared out the windows and saw hay bales and rivers; how the babies slept in their car seats and how they got tossed around on that back bed while trying to crawl when we were hitting potholes (only under my immediate supervision); how the babies loved the heater vent and the noise it made when they raked their fingers up and down it like a washboard.

So I made a video on my phone compiling it all. Then I put it to some Coldplay, and even Mike who still might have some PTSD from the whole experience, thought it was good and it made him nostalgic for that stupid Monaco Riptide. 

Without further ado, I present to you, the Trabun RV Adventure Video. 

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Another Interview

The day before we left on our RV adventure another news station called wanting to interview is about embryo adoption. 

I was like, nope. Not today or in the next week, but maybe when we get back. 

And so we did the interview yesterday morning and she did it up for a deadline last night – 5pm and 9pm on CW33. It’s a little more of a pop culture type news site than mainstream media, but it was nice to meet the reporter and it was neat to see how she put it all together. 

Call me impressed though, because she was her own producer, camera person, interviewer, and editor – all in less than 10 hours

Here’s a link to the story:

Here’s some photos of the kids looking cute.







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Passport Photo Attempts

Must have a neutral look. No smiles. White background. 

Attempt number one. 




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Nashville and Franklin Part Duex

On the way home we stopped through Tennessee again and stayed with our friends again. Aside from seeing the Sokics and the Cates, we also got to see the Smiths this time! They are some really great friends of ours from church in Los Angeles, and they happened to be in town on a family vacation and were literally just passing through Nashville for 24 hours on a road trip with extended family. Awesome timing.

We pulled in and met them at a park in Nashville. Our kids flowed off the RV and picked up where they’d left off.

It was so sweet to see Cade and Jackson (Smith) playing together. They were buddies when we lived in LA. In fact, the Smiths were who we called when I went in to labor with Gage before my mom could get there to take over. They were the faces Cade was most familiar with at that time in our lives.

It makes me so happy to see my babies being held by these friends. I wish we could all live on the same block.

We walked down the street to get BBQ for dinner.

Then we came back to the park and the adults chatted while the kids played on the hills until the lightning bugs came out.

We took some group shots with the selfie stick, but the low light from dusk and the front facing camera made them a bit blurry. But still.


We leveled the RV and push the sides out so everyone could come in and the kids could get a tour. Then we took a kid shot.

The kids played in the bunks a bit.

Cade says he remembers Jackson. I don’t know if that’s true, but he gave him a big hug to say goodbye and asked him for a high five. Makes me smile.

This is what I said about this meet up on Instagram:

What these families mean to us, and the other families not pictured but represented by these faces… There really aren’t words. Authentic community is such a treasure, and it was the reason we stuck around (and never intended to leave) Los Angeles. In spite of the years, the kids, the moves, and changes in our lives, it’s such grace to see everyone again all at once. Makes me want to bust out the camp song, 🎶 “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them…”🎶 

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